Research Projects

Current Projects

2022-2023 PI: Changing landscapes: From glaciers to lakes (20.000 USD). National Geographic research grant.

2023-2024 Co-Pi: Andean glacier-climatic interactions under solar radiation modification geoengineering [SRMG] Decimals grant from The Degrees Initiative (57000 USD).

2021-2025 Associate Researcher: SAGAZ: Development of a prototype alert system to reduce the impact of glacier-related flood events.  FONDEF IDeA I+D concurso 2021 código ID21I10094 (Chile)

2022-2023 PI: Early warning system for drought management of groundwater-surface water systems in Chilean Patagonia. (360.000 USD). Emergency funds for drought ANID (Chile).

2022-2024 PI: Cold-Blooded: Drivers of Climate Change Refugia for glaciers and streamflow responses (550.000 USD). Anillo grant ANID (Chile).

2021-2025 Associate Researcher: Proyecto ANID  Fortalecimiento de Centros Regionales R2-F0002. Ecosystem, Climate Change and Socio-Environenment Linkages Along The Continental-Ocean-Continuum. Long-Term Socio-ecological Research in Patagonia (PATSER)  (Link)

2021-2022 CO-I: Variation of the fluxes of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), and identification of their main environmental drivers associated with the extraction of the moss Sphagnum magellanicum in an anthropogenic North Patagonian peat bog (10.000 USD). DIUFRO grant from the University of la Frontera.

2021-2025 Associated Researcher: Water Technology Consortium CoTH2O. Integrated Management of Water Resources. CORFO (Chile).

2020-2023 CO-I: Trajectories of glacier volume in the Sierra del Brujo, Central Chile (34°30’S) under the RCP8.5 scenario using reanalysis of multidecadal geodetic mass balance and coupled atmosphere-cryosphere modeling” (USD 200,000). Fondecyt Regular (Chile).

2019-2022 PI: Cascade Landslide-mudflow hazards and risk-based resilient alleviation across different scales (USD 650,000). International collaboration program between Conicyt (Chile) and the Chinese National Science Foundation.

Old Projects

2020-2021 Associated investigator: Programa de Difusión Tecnológica sobre Uso Eficiente del Agua en Sistemas APR (BIP.40022386-0), Fondo de Innovación para la Competitividad Regional, Gobierno Regional de La Araucanía.

2020-2021 PI: Proyecto Mahuida in citizen sciences in the Araucanía Mountain region (25000 USD). Ministry of Education, Chile.

2017-2019 PI: High-Resolution Snow Glacier Runoff Simulations Over the Baker River Basin in the Chilean Patagonia.

2014-2015 PI: Microsoft Research Grant support of the evaluation of Microsoft technologies in hydrology research, May 2015 (USD 50,000)


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